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Job postings to the GMIS Illinois website are free for GMIS members.  Please submit your open position opportunities in Microsoft Word, PDF, or text format to

IT Specialist I – Village of Hoffman Estates

(Posted 4/26/2024) 

Village of Hanover Park is seeking an a Application System Analyst...READ MORE

IT Technician– Village of Arlington Heights

(Posted 2/23/2024) 

Village of Hoffman Estates is seeking an IT Specialist I...READ MORE

Village of Arlington Heights is seeking an IT Technician...READ MORE

Public Safety Technology Coordinator– City of Peoria

(Posted 2/23/2024) 

City of Peoria is seeking a Public Safety Technol0gy Coordinator...READ MORE

GIS Specialist – Village of Plainfield

(Posted 2/16/2024) 

Village of Plainfield is seeking a GIS Specialist in IT...READ MORE

Network Infrastructure Technician– Dekalb County

(Posted 1/17/2024) 

Dekalb County is seeking a FT Network Infrastructure Technician...READ MORE

Systems Engineer/Administrator– Naperville Public Library 

(Posted 10/4/2023

Naperville Public Library is seeking a Systems Engineer/Administrator... READ MORE

Asset Management Analyst – City of Warrenville

(Posted 10/01/2023

City of Warrenville is seeking a FT Asset Management Analyst... READ MORE

GIS Manager - City of DeKalb

(Posted 07/27/2023

City of Dekalb is seeking a FT GIS Manager... READ MORE

3 SysAdmins and 1 Senior SysAdmin – Champaign County

(Posted 07/06/2023

Champaign County has multiple openings.. Senior SysAdmin and SysAdmin

Network & Infrastructure Manager – City of St. Charles

(Posted 06/12/2023

The City of St. Charles is seeking a full-time Network & Infrastructure Manager... READ MORE

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